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Dear ECO-CIRCLE supporters,

Slika, ki vsebuje besede zaprt prostor, oblačila, oseba, pohištvo

Opis je samodejno ustvarjen

After two years of dedication, the Eco Circle project concluded with a Final conference on 21 February 2024, at the Obrtna zbornica Maribor, Slovenia. This event was a showcase of the project’s journey, its collaborative partnerships, and quality outcomes. Attendees engaged in interactive workshops, enriching their understanding and skills in eco-inclusive social entrepreneurship, supported by insights into Erasmus+ program. The conference was well-received, leaving participants enriched with new knowledge and perspectives.

Multiplier Events

We also held multiplier events in all partner countries, where interested stakeholders could learn more about the project and help us evaluate the project results.

Multiplier event held in Cori, IT

Before the final conference, we had the last TPM; where the partners gathered face-to-face for the last time in this project and reviewed the project deliverables, all the KPIs, basically verified that the project had done everything it set out to do.

Slika, ki vsebuje besede oseba, zaprt prostor, oblačila, poslovna stavba

Opis je samodejno ustvarjen
Partners’ final TPM in Maribor

Is this the end?

While the project officially concludes, our commitment to its principles endures. We will maintain the project´s outputs and website for at least five years. Our efforts to disseminate the results and apply the project’s materials in relevant future initiatives will persist, keeping the spirit and objectives of Eco Circle alive in the educational and entrepreneurial communities.

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